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Vegas Bright

The Vegas Bright Podcast is hosted by Michael Movestro, the Chief Editor of the Vegas Bright Blog. The Vegas Bright blog is the continuation of Vegas Chatter. Many former writers have joined Vegas Bright after Chatter folded up. When Michael started thinking of what the next progressive step would have been for Vegas Chatter, it dawned on him…”a podcast!”

The podcast is a mix of Vegas ôNews-ings”, musings, comedy and music with the occasional interview (sometimes, real ones). Michael won’t just do a news wrap-up up from around the web, he’ll also catch you up on the original stories that were published that week at Vegas Bright, he’ll do some Vegas History and then bring things into the topic of that episode.

Michael Movestro is an award winning music composer, and has a background in broadcasting, so he’s sure to combine his talents whenever possible for the podcast. For example, fake commercials promoting the importance of paying for parking. Tongue in cheek? yes.

Here are some reviews of the Vegas Bright Podcast on iTunes:

“I listen to Michael every week when I need a break from work and an incentive to plan my next LV trip. He has a soothing voice and I enjoy a nice little boost when I need my Vegas fix. Vegas Bright fills the void left when Vegas Chatter closed. I enjoy the Vegas history and Vegas news the most. Not slanted toward heavy gamblers or any one demographic, just light conversation for those who crave a little LV in between trips. This podcast is just beginning and I expect it will really hit stride after another few episodes. The opening theme (slot machines) always make me smile.” – Corgimom

“I really like this podcast. If you love Las Vegas like I do, here is an opportunity to live vicariously through this podcast.” – reekuper

“Each episode is different, sometimes it’s news, sometimes it’s memories and topics. I know when I listen to this show, that I’m going to get my Vegas fix!” – McFir

“This show is full of great Vegas information and experiences. There’s news, first-time stories, Vegas history and comedy bits. For anyone who loves Vegas, this is a show you must subscribe to!” – theGreenKorean

“I appreciate the Vegas Bright podcast. Every podcast host I hear brings something a little bit different, and I really do enjoy most of them. I like the audio reviews/previews of the Vegas Bright blog as I’m more likely to listen to a podcast then read the blog, but if I hear something that sounds good on the podcast, I might just check out the blog…if that makes sense. Keep up the good work Nice production work with the sound bites, musical lead-ins and background music.” – jpmurff

“Michael- thank you so much for ‘getting the band back together!’ You saw my tweet lamenting my loss of Vegas Chatter and reached out to me with an invite to Vegas Bright. I really appreciate it! The articles have been great for this Vegas addict. I also live on the east coast and crave any news I can find that will keep me connected to the city that has my heart M. Great job with the podcast – they’re getting better and better. Keep up the good work!!” – IDriveABug

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