Vice Lounge Online

Vice Lounge Online

The Vice Lounge Online is your weekly 30-minute podcast covering all your favorite vices: Gambling, Cigars & Cocktails! Broken into three 10-minute segments per shows, the Vice Lounge guys will teach you how to gamble a little smarter when you’re in a casino, review an adult beverage before you buy it, and evaluate a fine quality cigar they smoked during the week.

Cigar topics might address a newly released cigar, how to treat and maintain your humidor, what sort of cigar cutter is most appropriate based on your stogie selection or proper ways to light up your smoke. If you’re a newbie, they demystify the wonderful world of cigars, but if you’re an old pro, you’ll get to hear about a cigar and decide if it’s the right smoke for you!

They’ll also review a tasty adult beverage each week. It could be a selected Scotch or Bourbon, paired with the cigar selection or it could be a more complicated cocktail that involves delicious (and elaborate) ingredients. Ever wondered what simple syrup is or what muddling actually means? Have you ever wanted to host a cocktail party but didn’t want to serve up college party Fireball or rum & soda? Their alcohol segment will help point you in the direction to take your soiree from a scene from ‘Friends’ to a scene from ‘Frasier’!

Lastly, the gambling segments range from ‘Ways To Make Your Bankroll Last Longer’ to gambling updates (eg. E-sports, online poker, virtual horse betting), to ‘Gambling & Your Legal Rights’. This show will help you understand the value of a player’s club membership, why certain pay back on Blackjack tables and Video Poker machines matter, while doing it in a laid back, non-numbers focused manner.


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